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Q1. What is "grade A" carbon?

A:There is no official standard to grade carbon fiber products. Because of the way carbon fiber products are made, there can be a quiet big difference on the quality among different brands. 

Q2.How to judge the quality of carbon fiber products in general?


Q3.What are the pros and cons between "dry carbon "and "wet carbon"?

A:Dry vs. wet involves completely different processes of manufacturing. You can find extensive articles about the details on the web if you do a general search. As for pros and cons, here is a brief summary: Simply put, dry carbon is best for RACE USAGE so you get the most strength and save the most weight. The weaves and quality are more consistent, but they are generally 3 to 4 times more expensive than wet carbon. Wet carbon products are hand-laid or vacuum infused, and are more prone to small defects like wavy weaves and tiny bubbles. They do not save as much weight as their dry carbon counterparts. But on the plus side, you get an incredible combination of visual attraction, weight-reduction, and most importantly, price. Wet carbon products are the most popular and most commonly referred to as just “carbon fiber".

Q4.How do I maintain my product?

A:Your carbon fiber product is durable, but it still needs care and maintenance to stay looking good. More specifically, keep the products clean, minimize exposure to the sun, and wax when necessary. For carbon fiber hoods in particular, it is important that you use heat shields under the hood to avoid pre-mature aging. All Dry-Carbon products are sold RAW and consumers MUST protect the product upon receipt. 

Q5. My product was shipped to me damaged. What should I do?

A:Your product can be shipped to you from your dealer, or directly from CWSpeeding We examine and double-pack every item before shipping. However, due to the sizes of most items, handling can be awkward, and sometimes trucking staff do not handle them carefully. We must count on the consignee to examine the product’s condition upon receipt. If you notated all damages on the delivery receipt (which you should), then you can file a claim with the trucking company. You can also contact your dealer to obtain supporting documents from us, if required by the trucking company.

Q6.Why do I need to pay other fees to pick up goods at the airport or port ?