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About Us

     Guangzhou CWSpeeding Auto Accessories Co., Ltd is the aftermarket automotive industry established in 2016, we have our own factory, which is one of the most creative, fashionable and extraordinary manufactures in South China. Specializing in designing,developing and producing on individuality auto aero tuning and performance parts ,such as hoods, trunk lids, front lips, grilles, mirrors,aerodynamic body additions , rear spoilers ,rear diffusers, side skirts, rear lips, body kits and other car accessories & interior decoration etc. use different materials: FRP(fiberglass),ABS and 3K Carbon fiber,Red carbon fiber,forged carbon fiber,honeycomb carbon fiber,etc.


     As a support in developing innovation company we have our own brand , own facilities like master models , tooling and independent research and development CWS style aerodynamic body parts which carefully design,manufactural items can install on Japanese cars,German cars and American cars,such as : Toyota,Nissan,Lexus,Infiniti,Audi,Volkswagen,Ford,Mustang etc..CWSpeeding was created not to just provide excellent products to high clientele,but also to create a more personal relationship between us and our consumer. Our knowledgeable staff will make the time to build a personal relationship with each customer so that all your requests and questions can be answered in time. Our representatives will help set up an ideal and personalized auto body kit that will best fit our clienteles project.


     For better customer experience,we also offer customization corresponded to customers' requests while maintaining a competitive price. We strive to be the best provider for your automotive needs .


CWSpeeding welcome the overseas clients to do OEM products, we will develop your products efficiently!